UVO System

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KIA offers the most advanced, state-of-the-art and intuitive infotainment system available on the market. This system, called UVO, is the most sophisticated, yet user-friendly system that will surely impress you from every perspective. Whether it’s entertainment, navigation, convenience, maintenance, vehicle diagnostics, assistive services or security, UVO’s advanced car technology will make your driving & ownership experience easier and more convenient.

UVO is a subscription-free information system for your Kia vehicle. With UVO’s advanced voice-recognition technology, you can use your voice to help make hands-free calls and manage your music library. With UVO eServices, infotainment is coupled with an enhanced telematics suite enabled by an exclusive free smartphone app.* It provides you with an innovative in-vehicle connectivity experience including navigation, diagnostics capabilities, and added convenience features like Rear-Camera Display. Sign in today to discover everything you can do with New York UVO.

Get to know UVO. Fast.

What is UVO? It’s an in-vehicle entertainment and communications system that opens up a world of possibilities right from your dashboard. UVO makes the driving experience easier and more convenient.*

Ensure all systems are go.

Even the most reliable vehicle benefits from regular maintenance. With UVO, it’s simple to keep up. For example, with your compatible smartphone and the eServices mobile app, you can program UVO to run regular diagnostic checks and then schedule a service appointment if necessary.*


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Find My Car

Keep track of your Kia—even if you’re not driving it. The Find My Car feature offers peace of mind even if a family member is using the vehicle.

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Geo Fence

The Geo Fence feature helps you keep tabs on your Kia—no matter who’s driving it. Geo Fence will alert you if your Kia is driven outside the pre-determined area you’ve set.


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Navigate the most efficient route to your destination with UVO’s Voice-Command Navigation feature.

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With my POIs, or Points of Interest, find places you’d like to visit, like New Rochelle, on Google Maps™ via the free UVO eServices app and then send them to your UVO system for future routing.*


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Rear-Camera Display

When you engage the reverse gear in your Kia, the Rear-Camera Display appears on the UVO screen, displaying a wide field of vision at the rear of your Kia.

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Parking Minder

Save your vehicle’s parking location with the Parking Minder feature, and then use your compatible smartphone’s GPS guidance to find your way back.

Maintenance & Diagnostics

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Maintenance Notification

UVO will help you keep up with scheduled maintenance. The system will remind you when a service appointment is due, based on the odometer reading.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

It’s simple to diagnose a mechanical issue in your Kia with UVO. Press the diagnostics button on the UVO screen and you’ll initiate a vehicle diagnostics check. UVO then provides you with the option to call for roadside assistance or schedule a service appointment.

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