2023 Kia EV6

All-electric. All power.

Drive with confidence

Entering its sophomore year of production, the 2023 Kia EV6 is what happens when the ingenuity and drive behind the current EV revolution is placed into the form of a crossover SUV that's big on performance and still has a penchant for style and practicality. When the EV first began to gain traction, it was almost unheard of that it would one day go farther and faster than its gasoline-fueled counterparts. Thanks to Kia, those conceptions are now a reality.  

Freedom to go farther

The EV6 is propelled by a single electric motor which is mounted toward the rear of the vehicle. For EV6s that are equipped with AWD, tow motors are employed to deliver performance that's beyond any and all expectations. The EV6 is separated into five distinct levels of trim, three of which are equipped with AWD and an astonishing amount of horsepower. Depending upon which level of performance is ideal for you, there's an EV6 that's ideal for you. With ratings that start at 167 and extend all the way up to 576, the finish line will soon be your closest companion. And, with 282 miles of driving distance between charges, you'll have no trouble making repeat visits.  

Inspiring Interior

If the specs regarding the electric powertrain are impressive, then the interior of the vehicle will completely take your breath away. If you were expecting a layout that was similar to some of the other offerings from the Kia fleet, think again. The interior of the EV6 has more in common with a Tesla and can be acquired for much less as well. We were blown away by the infotainment setup. The screen, which stretches out to twelve inches, is placed atop the dashboard and is level with the steering wheel and instrument cluster, which matches the size of the infotainment screen.  

Going Electric at Island Kia

The EV6 is packed with a plethora of standard features, including adaptive cruise control and lane-centering technology. Several upgrades are available, such as parking assistance and a high-end stereo system that boasts fourteen speakers in total. No matter which trim you decide upon; you'll be getting more for your money. And aside from Kia's industry-leading warranty coverage, you can also qualify for a tax rebate on the purchase of an EV, which is great for this time of year when millions of Americans are getting ready to file.  

The 2023 EV6 has been generating a lot of excitement in such a short time, for the EV6 and the rest of the Kia fleet visit us at Island Kia. We'll get you behind the wheel and give you the keys. The rest is up to you. You can find out more info by visiting us at  https://www.myislandkia.com/. 

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