Should You Buy a Used Kia Car or SUV?

The choice of a used Kia car (read: Kia sedan/hatchback) or a used Kia SUV boils down to not just one reason but a list of different reasons like off-road capability, the center of gravity, flexibility, cargo space, and more. These reasons are mostly influenced by individual preferences, family members (like a spouse or kids), budget, etc. but while considering these influences, let’s examine the reasons.
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Lease & Finance Terms You Should Know

When you are tired of your current car, and you’re ready to get a new car, you have some choices to make. You can choose to plunk down a chunk of money on a new car that you then have to keep for years--or you can do something else. You can also make another choice. You can choose to lease your next car. There are several advantages to leasing, such as getting a new car every couple of years, and much more reasonable notes to pay. If you are interested in getting a leased car, you’ll need information…

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What to Look for When Test Driving

When you are looking for a new or used car, there are several things you need to do on the path from thinking about buying a car to buying a car. You’ll have to do research on what kind of car to buy, and think of your budget. You need to think about car insurance and read up on the reviews of the car. However, you also need to think about your test drive. While some people are perfectly willing to skip this step, the test drive is very important.

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OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts for your Kia

We all hope that you never have to find parts for your car and that it will run forever. Eventually, every car will have to have some parts replaced. When that happens, should you just get any part, or should you get OEM parts? If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, give us a minute to explain.

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Kia Financing Options

We know you have been looking for your next Kia. You’ve fallen in love with the brand, and you’re dying to change your car. If you are looking for your next Kia and you need to sniff some new car smell, how will you finance it? Luckily, Kia has several different options for financing. Take a look at the opportunities Kia offers.
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