2023 Kia Soul

Effortlessly bold

Built to Impress

No other vehicle has had more of a progression in a short amount of time than the SUV. In the beginning, the main driving force behind many designs was the simple concept of "bigger is better." As such, many of the available offerings consisted of large vehicles with gas-guzzling engines. As consumer needs shifted, so did the design of the SUV. What was once large and cumbersome was now scaled down and agile. The 2023 Kia Sorento is an ideal compromise between these two concepts. And while there's no shortage of three-row SUVs to be found in the marketplace, the Sorento brings a fair amount of versatility to the table.  

Drive smarter

For the 2023 model year, the Soul gets a fresh set of headlamps and some new wheels in the form of 17 and 18 inches, and Kia has taken it upon itself to streamline the production of the vehicle, limiting the powertrain options to one engine. And while this might come as alarming to those who favor variety, one engine means more spare parts that are available and greater numbers in production. What's more, is that it becomes easier for mechanics to maintain. The engine is equipped with a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission), making it ideal for the stop-and-go patterns of city traffic. As such, the Soul achieves 28 MPG in the city, a number that increases to 35 whenever it takes to the highway. Because of its size, the Soul is extremely agile, and maneuvering around traffic and finding a parking spot is certainly less difficult than it is with larger vehicles.

Ride with ease

Climbing inside the Kia Should for the first time, you might think you've just gotten behind the wheel of a slice European roadster. Like its siblings, the Soul has the benefit of a standard eight-inch infotainment screen which can be upgraded to one that spans over ten inches. Another aspect is its standard safety features, which include forward-collision warning and pedestrian detection, both of which are essential for the rigors of city driving. Automatic headlights and adaptive cruise control are available and ideal for situations that include long stretches of highway driving with limited visibility.  

Built with you in mind

While you might not be a hamster (at least we hope so), you have the perfect chance to get behind the wheel of a Kia Soul and bob your head as you enjoy its pleasant commute. Bop your way over to Island Kia today for the 2023 Kia Soul and the rest of the fleet. For more information, you can find us at https://www.myislandkia.com/. 

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